Operational Support Services

Our operations professionals are industry leaders. When we combine them with our surveillance analytics, extensive database, operational best-practices expertise and outsourcing resources, we can offer best-in-class operational support that maximizes your asset's performance. Our services include:

  • Ongoing trust oversight management services:
    • On behalf of public and private securities, as well as private whole loan pools, we monitor trust participants through our proprietary loan level analysis and compliance testing tools. Our staff identifies flaws, provides solutions and "gets the money back" through proactive negotiation.
    • Parties we monitor include:
      • Originators
      • Servicers
      • Insurers
      • Trustees
      • Derivative counterparties
      • Investment managers
  • One-time financial and operational assessment of:
    • Financial operating companies
    • Investment managers
    • Loan originators, servicers and MBS/CMBS/ABS-related vendors
  • Custom analysis and support services:
    • Full re-underwriting of loans
    • Fraud detection and analysis
    • Evaluation of contractual documentation
    • Examination of loan servicing history and covenant compliance
    • Identification of performance trends and provide loss mitigation strategies
    • Identification of breaches of representations and warranties
    • Administration of loan repurchase
    • Supervision of default recovery
    • Operational benchmarking
    • Client access to our proprietary collateral evaluation software
    • Financial personnel outsourcing
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