Governance, Oversight, Remediation, Enforcement,

Timely and Transparent Disclosure

provides a suite of highly specialized products and services to the pace-setters of the international credit markets and structured finance industries. In a market of fierce competition, increasingly complex interdependencies, growing regulation, significant global price volatility and innovations with short lives before they are copied, the firmís products are strategically balanced to empower market-leading institutions so they can capitalize on the industryís challenges of tomorrow. Pentalpha is known for constantly incubating new innovations and has a long history of market-leading innovations for our clients to use.

Our services are rooted on improving investor confidence in structured finance products with the intention that lenders can reduce their long term financing costs which can later result in making loans at more affordable prices to borrowers.

We offer market-leading innovations, robust and lightening-fast analytics rooted in strong quantitative formats, acclaimed project leadership and exceptional operational support services to make sure financing vehicles and their sponsors perform at the highest bar and lowest cost. This is managed by our staff of exceptional and emotionally committed veterans. They are supported by our robust and flexible digital-science infrastructure.

Our services are focused on complex loans and structured finance instruments as well as the operating companies that create, manage, and invest in them. We help our clients lead, not respond.

Operations Oversight & Support

Our operations professionals are industry leaders. When we combine them with our surveillance analytics, extensive database, operational best-practices expertise and outsourcing resources, we can offer best-in-class operational support that maximizes your asset's performance. Our services include:

  • Ongoing trust oversight management services:


Capital Markets Services

Our up-to-the-minute market information and proprietary valuation analytics are the cornerstones of the full array of support that we provide to our clients:

  • Transaction execution advice
  • Collateral analysis and loss projections
  • Valuation Services
    • For purposes of risk management, financial reporting and regulatory


Workout and Litigation Support

Our specialized product and trade practices knowledge provides our clients with the tools to optimize an underperforming issue. We offer:

  • Negotiation management services related to debtor, creditor, equity investor, rating agency and financial press constituents
  • Forensic cash flow and operational analysis
  • Litigation support and expert witness


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