Technology Hires

Technology is central to the firm’s mission and to maintaining our competitive position. Our technology specialists are the lifeblood of our digital foundation.

Technology specialists are integral team members who work together to solve business problems of our clients. At the beginning of your career at Pentalpha, you will receive guidance that familiarizes you with our technology, our culture, and our client service philosophy. In the early parts of your Pentalpha career, you will be asked to help us design new architecture, enhance our existing technology management tools, link them to better operations, and step back and help us conceptually build new engineering sciences.

Our technology specialists are embedded within various departments and get constant exposure to our business processes. Our philosophy of systematic problem solving goes hand in hand with original technology solutions.

While no prior financial services experience is required, a demonstrated level of increasingly more responsible duties is necessary for the more senior technology positions. Personal traits for success include persistence, a thirst for knowledge and a vision to make technology an integral foundation to serve our needs and the needs of our clients.