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Product Specialties

We are relative value specialists.

Whether assets are performing or non-performing, we assess cashflow and operational risk and can help you maximize value - even the most esoteric and illiquid financial instruments.

In terms of implementation, we are bottom-up analysts. Our work begins with a comprehensive analysis of each borrower's cashflow and underlying collateral value. We then stress the analysis by including our opinion related to macro economic relative value issues and market technicals. Finally, we asses the unique financing, governance and reporting features of the asset. Collectively, we develop a thoughtful opinion about cashflow variability and its relative value.

Pentalpha has demonstrated expertise in all forms of collateralized products:

Whole loans and structured products, including MBS, CMBS and ABS - across the credit spectrum. Our expertise also spans the globe, including proprietary models for assets located in the Americas and Europe.

The firm specializes in the derivative, subordinate and equity interests

of the financing vehicles unique to this industry, including:

  • CDOs
  • SIVs
  • REITs
  • REMICs

Working with you, your portfolio managers, accountants and lawyers, we can help you successfully navigate the complexities of the cash flow variability, governance, accounting, tax and reporting issues associated with these vehicles.

We are experts in the debt and equity interests of the following collateral sectors:

  • Real estate products
    • Residential
    • Commercial
  • Asset-backed products
    • Auto
    • Credit card
    • Franchise
    • Manufactured housing
    • Student loan
    • Timeshare receivable

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