Capital Markets Services

Our up-to-the-minute market information and proprietary valuation analytics are the cornerstones of the full array of support that we provide to our clients:

  • Transaction execution advice
  • Collateral analysis and loss projections
  • Valuation services
    • Up-to-the minute valuations for purposes of risk management, financial reporting and regulatory compliance.
    • Forensic insights in a litigation situation
    • Identification of refinancing and sale opportunities to improve returns
  • Financial modeling
    • Transaction structure models
    • Loan-level loss forecasting
    • Insurance payment claim projections
    • Validation of client collateral prediction and valuation models
  • Hedge management tools
  • Market research
  • Asset sales and liquidation services
    • Loans, bonds and equity interests
    • Derivatives and cash
  • Board member seminars on capital market practices

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