We’re Growing. Are You?

We are looking for a person who:

  • is driven to be the best;
  • wants to work in a high-energy entrepreneurial environment that values and enjoys innovation, excellence, and delivering a high quality client service in the financial services industry;
  • wants to capitalize on his or her individual strengths, address weaknesses, and grow personally and professionally;
  • wants exposure and an opportunity to be part of a team that works on exciting and impactful projects with some of the most innovative leaders in the global finance industry;
  • wants an opportunity to make a difference and be recognized for his or her accomplishments;
  • is an innovator, thinks independently and executes briskly;
  • embraces the digital world and is excited to build industry-leading technology solutions;
  • clearly articulates proposals with timely and passionate in-depth analysis;
  • is a leader, team-builder, a balanced debater and open minded
  • can add to our strong 20 year foundation of industry-leading success;
  • thinks globally,
  • embraces our firm’s culture, values and core operating principals.

If you are such a person, PentAlpha wants to hear from you.

Show Us Your Credentials

Please submit a copy of your current and complete resume to HRsubmission@PentAlphaGlobal.com

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