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Pentalpha welcomes institutional stakeholder suggestions on how to improve the performance of structured finance transactions. The suggestions could be at the loan level, pool level, trust level or operator level. Such suggestions could be in relation to our contractual obligations or the contractual obligations of other trust parties.

It is common that the Trustee, Securities Administrator, or other approved party of a securitization will provide one or more electronic “Q&A Forums “or other online portals for stakeholders to use when they have an inquiry, demand, or suggestion. We direct you to review the respective Trust’s governing documents for such resource and prioritize its use when questions and suggestions arise. If such a portal exists in relation to the particular deal about which you have a question or commentary, Pentalpha will defer to that portal rather than take suggestions through this portal. We note that Pentalpha is typically not empowered to compel any party to respond to Q & A Forum inquiries within particular deals.

For ease of reference, below is a partial list of the links to some of the frequently used deal portals;

Secondarily, and in the instance where there is not a specific deal resource, Pentalpha welcomes institutional stakeholders to post comments to the Pentalpha Stakeholder Suggestion Portal below, or contact one of our product managers regarding your suggestions and recommendations.

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Important information

Contractual limitations, confidentiality provisions, governmental regulations and an inability for Pentalpha to confirm who is an actual stakeholder in a securitization on a minute-by-minute basis may prohibit Pentalpha from interacting with individual stakeholders on a one-off basis or otherwise. In this situation, we may, when permitted, and in our discretion take your inquiry and direct it to the appropriate trust operator for their analysis and possible remediation. To the extent an inquiry is directed to another forum or portal, Pentalpha is not responsible for such answer, delay or failure to provide such an answer. Of note, many trust operators retain the right to reduce or eliminate any public commentary related to loan workouts and other items when they are in active negotiations.

Pentalpha reserves the right not to which answer a posting on this portal for any reason, including; (i) an inquiry being beyond the scope of the purpose of this portal, (ii) answering an inquiry would be in violation of applicable law, (iii) answering any inquiry which would require disclosure of privileged or confidential information, or (iv) answering any inquiry which would not be advisable for Pentalpha. The information posted to this portal or otherwise made available is solely made available as a convenience for interested stakeholders and Pentalpha assumes no responsibility or obligation to.

Parties listed in the trust’s governing documents are directed to communicate with Pentalpha using the documented procedures and not through this portal. This portal is not for use by borrowers, journalists or legal specialists.